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Playstation 4

Post by Charon on 21st March 2013, 6:02 pm

Sony finally announced the PS4 at the end of February. What do you think of it??

Personally the PS4 is certainly something I'm looking forward to, but it's nowhere near as impressive as I would've liked it to be. I mean the proposed GPU (Graphics unit) in it isn't even on par with the top graphics cards of last year. Can't really comment on the CPU as they haven't released enough details for it yet.
I think I'll do what I usually do & wait 6 months to a year before grabbing one for myself. That should be enough time to iron out the bugs.
I've noticed that many people are disappointed about not actually seeing the console, but lets be honest, how often do you look at your current console?? It's more than likely sitting under or next to the TV and is hardly noticed. Also consider this before being upset about the consoles non appearence, the current PS3 (2013) looks nothing like the one which was originally released in 2006......

It should be released in the same £400-£500 region that Sony has attached to previous playstations on release. Considering the confirmed specs this is about the right price & Sony should be able to avoid selling these consoles at a loss as they did with the PS3 for a while. The "Good" news could well come in the software area. Games could start falling in price if Sony go ahead & make the PS4 so that each game is directly linked to the SEN (Sony Entertainment Network) account when it is first put into a system. What this would effectively do is kill off the second hand games market because once a disk has been into your PS4 it will no longer be playable on other PS4's unless your SEN is connected to that particular unit. It could see the end of loaning games off friends & renting games.
Also, many games will be released in digital format so rather than going to "Game" & buying your blu-ray disk with the game on it, you would simply sign in to your SEN account & download the game directly to your harddrive or PS Cloud. This measure in itself should save gamers a bundle in game prices........ Unless developers & publishers start getting greedy......

As for Reports saying more people play games on Smartphones & Tablets, this shouldn't be read too much into. Those casual type of gamers who only game via smartphone or tablet are not the target audience for the PS4. Those people wouldn't generally buy themselves a games console because games are not their primary concern. If you think about it, just about everyone in the UK from the age of about 6 upwards has either a Smartphone or a Tablet. Whilst gaming on these devices can be highly addictive & rather enjoyable they cannot at present replace the size & quality of console games. People don't buy phones & tablets purely thinking about what gaming they can do on them. They generally buy them as multi purpose devices. Gaming performance rarely, if ever, enters a conversation or thought process regarding the purchase of a Smartphone or Tablet. Also consider that people with PS3's & x-boxes didn't suddenly stop using their consoles when they got their Tablet &/or smartphone. Could you imagine Skyrim on a smartphone or a tablet?? Would it be worth it?? No, these consoles are certainly not aimed at entry level casual gamers who only game becasue a device they obtained for a different primary purpose allows them the capable to play basic games. The PS4 is aimed at those of us who want a device which focuses on gaming as its first priority & everything else as a secondary thought.

If anything the PS4 should only be: unconcerned with Smartphones & Tablets, Dismissive of the Nintendo Wii U, Slightly worried about the release of Microsoft's new X-Box (Unofficially dubbed "Xbox 720") & Slightly more worried about the impending release of Valves new "Steambox". Now the Steambox should really be a game changer, and if it is released with a decent price tag attached, it would certainly be a contender to the domination enjoyed by Sony & Microsoft. A hybrid of Console & PC it could turn out to be the current Gen console killer, just as Sony & MS changed the game & wrestled the title from Nintendo & Sega....

Just my pennies worth homey

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Re: Playstation 4

Post by lizziebear on 28th March 2013, 6:26 am

well i only just got my ps3 500 mg in dec after my other ps3 160 conked out

not so sure about the ps4 to be honest
wont be rushing out to buy it when its released
theres plenty of life left in the ps3

ive tried to play games on my smart phone ..its just not the same as the big screen

hehe i would be here more but im addicted to ps3 games

catch ya all laters

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