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Post by Frog on 21st March 2013, 9:48 am

Was just reading about this the other day and it has slightly blown my mind!
It's made from Graphite and forms a net like matrix so small that it can filter the smallest gas atom (Helium) whilst letting water vapour through, so it could filter salt from seawater. It's 100 times stroner than steel, super light, super thin, conducts heat better than any substance known to man, conducts electricity, trials with computer chips made from graphene have achieved record breaking speeds. It could literally save the world in the right hands

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Re: Graphene

Post by caz on 28th April 2013, 4:27 pm


Someone is going to make millions and probably charge us the earth Mad but if it saves the world, then I'm all in favour. Whooooow wait a mo, that means we might not get booted off our broadband so flikkin often and it might be the end of lag in COD! cheers

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where do you get your info from Frog you always seem to find the latest and greatest

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