Death Threats

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Death Threats

Post by Frog on 24th November 2012, 10:31 pm

What the hell is with the deal with the media crying death threat every 5 minutes? There is a massive difference between a death threat and a harsh critique. Allow me to elaborate:

Death threat - I am going to kill you! ( notice the use of threatening language and the specific intent within)

Harsh opinion - I hate you, fuck off and die. ( notice the lack of threat or even statement of intent)

The media has always tried to make real life sound more interesting than it is but if I have to hear another wannabe talking about their death threats then I will start threatening them myself so they can actually tell the difference. Of course like everyone else who conveys a death threat on the Internet I have absolutely no intention of following up on the threat! If I did I wouldn't put it on the the bloody Internet! What kind if a retard would ever take that threat seriously for that very reason??

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