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The Event

Post by Olay on 2nd November 2010, 1:52 am

The pilot of this show was shown friday before last and the second episode straight after. Its a hard one to describe as the plot is all over the place, very much mixed up the same way as LOST was.
We have a kidnapped girl and a blackmailed father/pilot who is then forced to fly a plane straight at the president who is attending a garden party. The plane dissapears from the sky just before impact and turns up in a completely different place. All passengers are ok until a fleet of helicopters arrive to kill them all!
One man gets away who is the b/friend of the kidnapped girl and he proceeds to look for her.

There are people locked up who the president meets and they are not 'human', they were the cause of the plane being brought down safely so obviously have special powers.

As I say, its all very mixed up at the moment and needs to be watched to be understood but its just the sort of TV veiwing I like. Its shown on ch4 so you can catch up on 4OD if you are interested.


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